KRATER is a vessel where imagination transcends itself. Fearlessly challenging the conventional fashion
landscape and embracing the harmonious intersection of sustainable fashion design, performance art,
and electronic music, the incubator’s third event brings New York Fashion Week to Bushwick’s House of Yes, featuring an array of emerging designers and some of the city’s top selectors.

Designers debuting new collections through a series of disruptive fashion performances include Hesta from NYC, a Project Runway Season 17 runner-up; Aguirrrre from Argentina and Mexican-Filipino Casa Lizarraga, both instrumental figures in the design process for KidSuper; Lakras from Colombia, renowned for a successful collaboration with the independent marketplace Apoc Store; and Ohh Baby from Pittsburgh, featured in the “The Andy Warhol Museum’s «Join The Family,» Campaign honoring creatives deeply engaged in Pittsburgh’s artistic community.

Welcome to KRATER, pronounced «KRAH-TER» – a vessel where imagination transcends itself. We stand as an artistic incubator, fearlessly challenging the conventional fashion landscape by embracing the harmonious intersection of sustainable fashion design, performance art, and electronic music. At KRATER, we champion a collective of artists and designers who not only embrace intersectionality but redefine it, defying norms and purposefully blurring the lines between fashion and art.

Our mission is clear– to compel all to perceive creativity not as a static concept but as a dynamic and transformative force. Intersectional artists within our realm navigate the intricate landscape of social identities, recognizing the interconnected nature of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, socio-economic status, and disability among others within their creative expression. These creators adopt a multidisciplinaryapproach in their artistic practices, seamlessly weaving together sustainable fashion design, and performance art transcending traditional boundaries. Through their works, they reflect the kaleidoscope of the human experience, amplifying voices often muted in mainstream narratives. Their art is a resonant tool for social commentary, illuminating the complex intersections of identity and fostering a dialogue that catalyzes empathy and societal transformation.

Our event proudly stands as a cost-free platform for creatives. Establishing this platform during New York Fashion Week is not just a choice; it is a declaration. It is a vital step towards championing
inclusivity and diversity, a deliberate move to eliminate financial barriers and ensure equal opportunities for talented designers from marginalized backgrounds. This initiative signifies more than a positive shift; it is a seismic change towards a fashion landscape that is equitable, representative, and fiercely rejecting historical exclusivity. As a self-produced event, we depend on our community to breathe life into our vision, with ticket sales directly fueling the realization of our event. This underscores the collaborative effort required to bring forth our collective vision, supporting designers and artists in turning their creative dreams into a vibrant reality. In KRATER, we find not just an event but a living testament to the transformative power of unity and creative expression.

AGUIRRRRE, established by the Argentinian designer Sabrina Aguirre, is a profound exploration into the
reconceptualization of corporeity through the lens of cultural traditions. The brand challenges the notion that the construction of the body is solely physical, recognizing its deeply rooted cultural dimensions andpushing these boundaries.

Sabrina ingeniously utilizes cultural traditions to construct a new reality, defying established limits and
bringing designs into the realm of intersectional contemporaneity. Embracing a foundation of upcycling,
the majority of the garments are crafted from textile waste, showcasing a vibrant palette of colors and diverse textures. Within her creations, a perpetual duality exists—a homage to cultural traditions of a formative past, juxtaposed with a present that unfolds in continuous evolution. This juxtaposition becomes a living narrative within each piece. Sabrina has notably contributed to the design and styling team for KID SUPER FW21 during Paris Fashion Week. Her designs have adorned artists such as Cardi B, Sofia Thompson, and she has engaged in collaborative projects with esteemed names like CHRISHABANA for RuPaul’s Drag Race, Willy Chavarria, and Lil Nas.
As a testament to AGUIRRRRE’s significance in the fashion landscape, the brand is proudly affiliated with Not Just a Label, an influential online platform and community that serves as a global showcase for emerging fashion designers. This collaboration further amplifies AGUIRRRRE’s reach, positioning it at the forefront of the international fashion scene.

Casa Lizarraga, founded by Mexican-Filipino Designer and Artist Cecilia Lizarraga, stands as a visionary
luxury fashion house seamlessly marrying opulence with a deep commitment to sustainability and empowerment. Specializing in handcrafted creations that transcend the ordinary, they take pride in
crafting custom garments that reflect individuality and style.
The ethos of CL extends beyond fashion, ingrained in their commitment to empowering people of color,
fostering inclusivity, and championing ethical practices throughout the supply chain. Casa Lizarraga is more than a label; it’s a celebration of diversity, a testament to sustainable luxury, and a canvas for personal expression—your destination for exclusive, sustainable luxury that leaves a lasting impression.
Cecilia has participated in significant collaborations, contributing to notable projects alongside Colm Dillane, known as KIDSUPER. She played a vital role in his design team, helping create key pieces for Kid Super’s Louis Vuitton collection. Additionally, she has collaborated with American Designer Elena Velez, and her clientele includes celebrities such as J Balvin, Kate Moss, Eve, Connie Diamond, among others.

Founded and led by Colombian designer Maria Alejandra Caicedo, known as Alek, Lakras is a unique brand exploring the intersections of fashion, art, and crafts. Breaking traditional boundaries, the
Colombian label creates pieces for exhibition-sale or collaboration with other artistic projects.
Lakras serves as a creative laboratory for modified garments, accessories, unconventional fabrics, and
experiential pieces, celebrating imperfections and blurring the lines between reality, fiction, and
mythology. Emphasizing affection and collaboration, Lakras prioritizes handmade creations over mass
production, adding a human touch to each piece.
More than just a brand, Lakras represents the avant-garde of Colombian-inspired couture, synthesizing craft, experimental design, and historic imagery. It acts as a contemporary portal into Latin American
heritage, resonating with those seeking exclusive and imaginative fashion statements.
Lakras has just launched a collaboration with Apoc Store, now accessible for purchase on the online marketplace specializing in independent fashion, design, and art. The brand has garnered recognition in publications like Glitch Magazine, Voyage LA, El Espectador, and London Weekly Journal, among others.

Hester Sunshine, an innovative Queer Jewish apparel creator, has made a significant impact in the industry. With notable experiences at renowned brands like Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade, Hester secured the runner-up position in Season 17 of Project Runway with the Y20k0 collection. Leading HESTA, a gender-nonconforming ready-to-wear (RTW) and couture line, Hester envisions a future fashion landscape focused on inclusivity and innovation.

HESTA is dedicated to crafting ethically produced, beautiful garments for all body types, challenging the exclusivity often associated with high fashion. Embracing diversity, the brand tailors designs for real
people with real bodies, including curves, trans bodies, and various shapes and sizes.
As an anti-establishment, pro-customer brand, HESTA seeks to revolutionize the fashion narrative, encouraging individuals not just to wear clothes but to celebrate their unique forms. Serving as a safe
space for self-expression and empowerment, HESTA bridges the gap between fashion and real-life
Hesta’s creations have adorned luminaries such as Rebecca Black, Rify Royalty, Kat Cunning, Landry Bender, Sudan Archives, and Bishme Cromartie. Featured in publications like NYLON Magazine, Image Magazine, Moevir, among others, Hester has also collaborated with the immersive art collective Meow Wolf, known for blending fantasy, science fiction, and surrealism in interactive art experiences.

Since its establishment in 2018 by the innovative designer Anika Ignozzi, Ooh Baby has rapidly become a symbol of expressive, vibrant, and eco-conscious fashion. Specializing in upcycled clothing and operating from its dynamic Brooklyn studio, the brand has evolved into a creative hub for thoughtfully designed collections.
The creation of wearable art was driven by a commitment to self-expression, a key factor that defines the uniqueness of Ooh Baby’s designs. Anika’s wearable art has found its way onto celebrities like Bebe Rexha, Norah Jones, Wyatt Oleff, Ski Mask the Slump God, Justin Quiles, Jhay Cortez, and many more.

Originating in Pittsburgh, Ooh Baby has transformed from humble pop-up stands to storefronts, now establishing a presence in the heart of New York City on Greenwich Avenue. The brand has graced
prestigious events, including Pittsburgh Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, and is gearing up for the launch of its upscale manufactured collection, «Imagination Activation.» Ooh Baby’s recent feature in The Andy Warhol Museum’s «Join the Family» campaign is a testament to Ignozzi’s rebellious spirit, showcased on a Warhol billboard. This campaign honors creatives deeply engaged in Pittsburgh’s artistic community.
Anika Ignozzi’s dedication to her craft and innovation has been recognized through her receipt of the Chashama Storefront Start-Up Program. This program supports small businesses with free pop-up
storefronts, contributing to the restoration of financial stability and injecting commerce, beauty, and hope back into New York City.

KRATER will be hosted by the Colombian duo of KRATER founder Giselle Manzano, and visual artist, DJ, and producer Vile Sanchez. Giselle will also be part of an exclusive pop-up market alongside our
designers, offering you the opportunity to directly purchase their unique pieces right at the event.

Giselle Manzano
Giselle Manzano Ramírez, is a Colombian designer and multidisciplinary artist. Her mission revolves around empowering individuals through the medium of fashion, utilizing garments as a canvas to convey profound meaning and evoke emotions. Going beyond traditional boundaries, Giselle merges art with fashion, exploring unconventional printmaking techniques and surface embellishments to create unique and captivating works.

Her artistic journey has led her to showcase her creations at prestigious events such as Brooklyn Fashion Week, ReFashion Week, Bartschland, and KRATER. Collaborating with emerging artists and DJs within the underground music scene, Giselle serves as both a designer and stylist, curating unforgettable looks for DJs performing at renowned venues like Dekmantel, Boiler Room, and The Bunker. She brings her vision to life in legendary clubs such as Berghain, Basement, and Bossa Nova Civic Club, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion landscape and empowering individuals through her creative expression. Giselle’s expertise has recently been recognized as she joined the esteemed roster of Domestika, the rapidly growing creative community. This platform allows the most talented creative experts to share their knowledge and skills through meticulously crafted online courses.

Giselle is the founder of Krater.

Vile Sanchez
Originally from Medellin, Colombia, and now based in New York City, Vile Sanchez is a versatile artist whose work is a fusion of visual art, DJing, and music production. Inspired by the essence of existence, sacred geometry, and the diverse expressions of human emotion through art, Sanchez’s creations
transcend boundaries. Her art and music invite audiences to explore life as an art form, where intricate visuals and emotive soundscapes intersect to evoke contemplation on the mysteries of existence.

Abby Echiverri of LCD Soundsystem and The Bunker, Kim Anh of Can U Not Talk Records and Calvin Klein, and Bryan Kasenic of The Bunker and Krater will play DJ sets throughout the night and at the


Abby Echiverri, a young producer based in Brooklyn, NY, is a multifaceted artist, seamlessly navigating roles as a musician, sound engineer, DJ, and VJ. Her musical journey includes contributing a track to the «15 Years of the Bunker» compilation and releasing her debut EP, «Ab Initio,» on The Bunker NY, earning acclaim from reviewers. As a live musician, Echiverri blends left-field influences, skillful hardware manipulations, and seasoned engineering to offer an innovative take on techno.
Her musical odyssey began in childhood with classical training in violin, flute, piano, and vocals, establishing music as an integral part of her daily life. High school saw her venture into turntables and record collecting, leading her to NYC to study recording engineering and perform in post-punk bands. An early enthusiast of Wierd and The Bunker, Echiverri has since dedicated her professional hours to engineering, maintaining, and manufacturing audio equipment for studios and clubs worldwide. This deep connection with technology echoes in her music, where she explores unfamiliar hardware, utilizes
acoustic samples, employs unconventional effects processing, and manipulates the stereo field in
disorienting ways.


For the past 21 years, The Bunker New York has led the way for American techno by bringing together hundreds of artists from all over the world. More than a mere techno party, The Bunker unites diverse
sounds from across the electronic music spectrum, connecting the dots between house, techno, experimental sounds, and much more. The Bunker New York began as a party, grew up into a record
label, and has become a collaborative community centered around a 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
fostered by founder and curator Bryan Kasenic since its launch in 2003.
Bryan is also the co-founder and Music Director of KRATER.

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